Nu Civilisation Orchestra… Firebird

Excerpts from 1) Blues Ostinata (Peter Edwards), 2. Maenad’s Suite (Binker Golding), 3. Ebony Concerto (Stravinsky)

  • Saturday 3 March at 7.45pm  Purcell RoomSouthbank Centre SE1 8XX
  • Saturday 28 April at 8.00pm  Turner Sims, Southampton SO17 1BJ

Firebird makes its London debut at the Southbank Centre and the Turner Sims Concert Hall at the University of Southampton following two hugely succesful performances by the Nu Civilisation Orchestra in Manchester and Sheffield during Autumn 2011. This exciting programme features a remodeled version of Stravinsky’s Ebony Concerto, NCO MD Peter Edwards’ Blues Ostinata and his arrangement of Steve Williamson’s How High The Bird, Maenads Suite by Binker Golding and more.

Firebird is where jazz and classical music meet. It’s a fusion of the musical worlds of 20th-century icon Igor Stravinsky and jazz superstar Charlie Parker. It’s going to be a spectacular event, so book early!

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